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Lightning fast, dedicated video encoding in the cloud. Upload once, play everywhere. It's that simple.

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Panda allows you to easily integrate with any application using our REST API and supports a plethora of languages and frameworks.

  1. Integrate Panda into your web and mobile apps.
  2. Start uploading media immediately using our flexible API.
  3. Serve media in any format, anywhere.
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Uploads made easy

With our 20GB maximum per file upload size and 1080p high definition support, you can upload virtually any video for quick encoding using our javascript upload plugin.

We support all of the most popular audio and video codecs including H.264, AAC, OGG, MP3, FLV, WMV and many more.

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Unlimited, scalable encoding

With Panda, you get your own powerful 24/7 dedicated encoders letting you encode as much video as you want, whenever you want.

Encode your video into all of the most popular media codecs faster than ever before with our powerful encoding clouds.

1.7 Million encodings and counting!

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Deliver media universally

With Panda, you can serve your video to virtually any device. All encoded media is stored on your Amazon S3 or CloudFront bucket, so you’re in complete control.

Our massive list of output formats enables you to serve media to all desktop browsers, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and many more.

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Hundreds of companies encode with Panda

Panda is great for …

Changing media formats

Automating encoding processes in your apps

Encoding video for iPhone and Android

Batch encoding large amounts of media